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You must send the report on your work to the activity leader and the examination committee no later than 10 days after the date on which the final examination takes place.

The activity leader and the committee will independently evaluate the quality of your work, awarding a score for each of the following:

  • achievement of objectives
  • quality/clarity of the report
  • personal contribution
  • quality/quantity of the work done in the 75 hours of activity

During the Examination Test, the committee may add up to a maximum of 8 points to the 110ths average obtained from the credit-weighted average of the grades reported for the teaching activities.

The 8 points are divided as follows:

  • max 5 points, corresponding to the score for the final examination, divided as follows:
    • maximum 3 points for the overall quality of the work done
    • maximum 2 points for the ability to communicate and argue during the examination interview
  • max 3 points, for your career, divided as follows:
    • from 0 to 2 points depending on the weighted average of grades reported in the three-year period
      • 2 points if the weighted average is ≥ 27
      • 1 point if the weighted average is ≤ 24 and < 27
      • 0 points if the weighted average is < 24
    • 1 point if you take the final exam by December 31 of the third academic year from the date of first matriculation