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What are

The Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree program attaches great importance to professionalizing educational activities, which provide future physicians with the professional skills (or skills) essential for postgraduate practice.

The current course curriculum includes 60 CFUs (out of 360 total CFUs) allocated to professionalizing activities, distributed over the course of the six years.

The professionalizing activities planned for the Integrated Courses of:

  • Semeiotics and Clinical Methodology (3rd year/semester)
  • Neurology and Psychiatry (5th year/semester)
  • Legal Medicine (5th year/I semester)
  • Gynecology-Ostetrics (5th year/II semester)
  • Pediatrics (5th year/II semester)
  • Emergencies and Traumatology (6th year/II semester)

take place simultaneously with the conduct of lectures.

For practice and learning of the professionalizing skills of the Integrated Courses of First Aid, Human Physiology 1, Semeiotics and Clinical Methodology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Emergencies and as an integrative component of the C.I. of Professionalizing Medical and Surgical Internship (6th year/II semester) are scheduled to attend the Advanced Simulation Center (SimAv) of the University, which is located at 3 Antonio Pastore Street.

At the SimAv you will also be able to carry out exercises based on clinical cases in micro-simulation using computer systems, with particular reference to the C.I.'s of Surgery 1, Surgery 2, and Emergencies and Traumatology.

Radiology professionalizing activities a.y. 2022/23

Radiology professionalizing activities, will take place exclusively online on the Teams platform in the form of laboratory/clinical case discussion, in the period in which the course is held (2nd semester, dates visible in CdL calendar under AP).

The student must attend, by choice, at least two of the available dates among the 6 included to complete the professionalizing activities and the achievement of 1 CFU by registering online in the departments dedicated to Radiology professionalizing activities.

Students who register for the above activities and cannot attend are requested to delete their registration within the allowed limits so that they can register for one of the other available dates.