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How to participate

Entry requirements

  • acquisition by the autumn session of all the University Educational Credits (CFU) that can be acquired and are envisaged in the first three years
  • achievement of an examination average of not less than twenty-seven/thirty-eighths 27/30)
  • good knowledge of spoken and written English (level B2)

By 10 April 2024 the list of those admitted will be published.

Following this, those admitted will be informed of the date of the presentation of projects by the tutors, during which the candidates will have the opportunity to choose the project of their interest, according to their position in the ranking list.

The date of the presentation of projects by the tutors will be communicated to the admitted candidates.

The RFP has a programmed number of students, determined at 15 students for each cohort. 

If the number of applications received exceeds the number of projects availablea selection will be madeon the basis of the weighted average and the number of commendations, if any. In the event of a tie, the applicant's seniority shall prevail.