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To determine the graduation grade, expressed in one hundredth of a second, contribute:

  • the arithmetic mean of the grades achieved in the curricular examinations, expressed in one hundredth of a second
  • if you graduate by the 6th year, a score related to the graduation session:
    • 3 points for the summer one
    • 3 points for the fall one
    • 1 point for the extraordinary one
  • up to 2 points for each lode obtained (+0.2 points per praise)
  • the result obtained in each Progress Test: 0.2 to 1.2 points if higher than the median of the score of each of the two tests (basic and clinical) in the year of the course in which you are enrolled
  • from 0 to 2 points for international exchange programs (related to duration): 0.2 points per month
  • up to a maximum of 8 points awarded by the committee at the thesis discussionso divided:
    • Typology of research (experimental study; case presentation; case report; compilative study): maximum 5 points
    • Quality of the presentation: maximum 1 point
    • Pronunciation of the topic: maximum 1 point
    • Ability in discussion: maximum 1 point

The overall grade is:

  • determined by the sum of the points discussed above
  • rounded up or down to the nearest whole number

Honor may be awarded by unanimous opinion of the committee if you have achieved a final score greater than or equal to 110/ 110.