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Admission requirements

You can only enter this course if you have earned a bachelor's degree or equivalent (pre-doctoral degree, university diploma - 3 years, direct school for special purposes - 3 years) and if you meet the specific requirements.

Did you get your degree abroad?

If you have graduated abroad, you will have to take a Italian language proficiency test.

If you graduated in Italy, continue reading.

Specific requirements

You can enroll in the Course if you have a degree in Classes L-16 or L-36 or the corresponding Classes L-19 and L-15 of the previous system.

If you hold a different bachelor's degree, you must obtain 40 CFUs, distributed as follows:

  • 10 credits in the field of history (SPS/02, SPS/03, MSTO/04)
  • 10 credits in the field of law (IUS/10, IUS/13, IUS/14, IUS/21)
  • 10 credits in the field of socio-politology (SPS/07, SPS/04)
  • 10 credits in the field of economics (SECS-P/01, SECS-P/02)

You will also need to demonstrate basic computer skills.