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The degree program offers several opportunities to help you enter the world of work once you graduate:

  • training and internships are offered at companies, area institutions and schools. Affiliated companies refer to the course of study when looking for mathematicians to hire
  • the project Mathematicians' professions has made it possible to prepare a list of institutions and companies where mathematicians find jobs
  • professionalizing modules are taught by representatives of the world of work
  • two meetings a year are organized with companies that present their reality, the professional profiles required and how a mathematician can be framed in their working environment
  • the platform DIMAJOBS to facilitate contact between graduates and the world of work

In addition, all faculty interact with students by signaling opportunities in higher education as well. There is also an active Doctoral Program in Mathematics and Applications.

Thanks to the disciplinary preparation offered, many graduates have had no difficulty in winning doctoral or postdoctoral positions, even in prestigious foreign locations.

Take a look at some documents of interest.

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