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Admission requirements

You can enter this course if you have earned a bachelor's degree or equivalent (pre-doctoral degree, university diploma - 3 years, direct school for special purposes - 3 years) and if you meet the specific requirements.


Did you get your degree abroad?

If you graduated abroad, you will have to take a proof of Italian language proficiency.

If you graduated in Italy, continue reading.

Specific requirements

To enroll in the course you must have a bachelor's degree in physics (class L-25 or class L-30) or other degrees, or equivalent foreign degrees, with appropriate curricular requirements.

You meet the curricular requirements only if you have acquired the following University Educational Credits (CFUs) in the Scientific Disciplinary Sectors (SSDs) indicated:

  • more than 30 CFUs within the basic mathematical disciplines:
    • SSD MAT/02
    • SSD MAT/03
    • SSD MAT/05
  • more than 60 CFU within SSD FIS/01
  • more than 20 CFU within the scope of SSD FIS/02
  • more than 10 CFU, in total, within SSDs FIS/03 and FIS/04

Whenever CFUs have been acquired for more than 10 years, the CCS will deliberate on whether the content is obsolete. You automatically fulfill the requirements if you have obtained one of the following degrees from UniGe:

  • Physics, class L-25
  • Physical Science and Technology (former DM 509/99) (General Curriculum)
  • .
  • Physics, class L-30
  • Physical Science and Technology (former DM 270/04) (general curriculum)

If you do not meet the requirements, you may possibly take individual courses before enrolling in the Master's degree.

In the case of Italian degrees obtained with systems that do not provide for CFUs or degrees obtained abroad, the CCS will assign to each educational activity acquired an SSD and a number of CFUs. CFUs may also have been obtained through the attendance of more than one course of study or through enrollment in individual courses.

Conditional enrollment

If you are a three-year student in Physics, ex DM 270/04, at UniGe, you can enroll conditionally.

You must graduate by March 31 of the following year and have acquired all the CFUs stipulated in your study plan by the date defined each year in the Study Manifesto (usually in October) except for a limited number of CFUs, however, not more than 25 CFUs.