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1. Read the admission requirements

You can only enter this course if you have earned a bachelor's degree or equivalent (pre-doctoral degree, university diploma - 3 years, direct school for special purposes - 3 years) and if you meet the specific requirements.

Did you get your degree abroad?

If you have graduated abroad, you will have to take a Italian language proficiency test.

If you graduated in Italy, continue reading.

Specific requirements

To enroll in this course you must meet the following curricular requirements:

  • a bachelor's degree ex DM 509 or 270 or a 4-, 5- or 6-year degree from the old system or an equivalent foreign degree
  • 19 total CFUs in MAT or FIS or INF fields, including at least 8 in MAT and at least 8 in FIS
  • 48 total CFUs in the CHIM fields, including at least 4 in CHIM/01 and at least 8 in each of CHIM/02, CHIM/03, CHIM/06
  • at least 4 CFUs in the CHIM fields must be related to laboratory activities

Curricular requirements can also be acquired through individual educational activities (bridging career).

You may enroll and take courses even if you are not yet a graduate.

. You must, however:

  • acquire all the CFUs in the curriculum of the bachelor's degree, minus 17, by October 13, 2023 (The 3 CFUs of the final exam, any extracurricular credits, and the CFUs of the Internship if you have attended at least half of them even if you have not taken the related exam do not contribute to this)
  • .
  • graduate degree by February 28, 2024