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What is

For admission to the graduate examination, you must have completed all the credits required by the educational regulations of your degree program.

The dissertation examination consists of the discussion, before a committee, of a written paper under the guidance of a thesis advisor and a co-rapporteur.

The dissertation work involves:

  1. the collection and processing of data
  2. the construction of a quantitative interpretive model
  3. the writing of a written paper that addresses, with a scientifically sound approach and method, an Earth Science topic relevant to the educational objectives of the course

The dissertation may be oriented on theoretical, laboratory and/or field projects and its topic:

  • must be related to your course of study
  • must be approved by the CCS at least six months before the discussion
  • may be developed at professional firms, companies, public administration facilities, and laboratories of other Italian and foreign universities and research institutions, including possible periods of residence abroad.