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What are

The course of study includes the obligation to acquire CFUs by performingOther Activities that are closely related to your university course and useful for your placement in the world of work.


Each CFU corresponds to a commitment of 30 hours (study/work).
Remember that you will not be awarded credits in excess of the number provided in your syllabus for "Other Activities." Certified but excess hours of commitment cannot be counted in place of the basic, characterizing, related/integrative or elective educational activities provided by your Course's regulations.

What curriculum are you enrolled in?

Your curriculum provides 3 CFUs for the other activitiesthat you can obtain by attending the Literature Lab, preparatory to the development of your dissertation.

You can also obtain the 3 CFUs with the internship activity but only after applying.

Your curriculum includes 6 CFUs earmarked for other activities and you are strongly advised to obtain them through the study of a third language.

If you did not take an internship during the three-year course, you are required to fill the gap during the two-year master's degree.