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CFU Recognition

To obtain credit for Other Activities:

  • external:you must apply by the 15th of each month
  • internal:will be recognized automatically

To read the regulations and download the form to apply for recognition, visit the dedicated page on Aulaweb.
On the same page you will be able to upload all the required documentation (applications must be filled out clearly in all their parts, otherwise they will be excluded from evaluation):

  • about the type, e.g. translations, interpreting, language tour guide, intercultural mediation, secretarial work involving contact with foreign clients, word processing in a foreign language, delivery of lectures of/in a foreign language, and the like
  • about the manner of the activity performed, with precise indication of the period (start day and end day) and the number of hours actually performed

All documentation must be issued by the relevant institution or company on letterhead and signed by the person responsible, thus excluding any form of self-certification.

The committee may recognize credits only upon completion of the activity, i.e., performed for the number of hours corresponding to the required credits.