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1. Read the admission criteria

You can apply for admission if you have either:

You can access this course only if you have obtained a degree or an equivalent qualification (bachelor's degree, a direct school for special purposes - 3 years), if you meet the curricular requirements and if you successfully pass the Prerequisites assessment.

CV requirements

In order to attend this course the student needs the following requirements, without any exclusion:

  • Degree (Laurea), M.Sc. (Laurea Magistrale), referred to D.M. 509/1999 or D.M. 270/2004, or a five-year degree (ante Ministerial Decree 509/1999) in Information Engineering or Computer Science or Industrial Engineering
  • adequate knowledge in:
    • mathematical analysis, geometry, physics, mathematical physics
    • electronics
    • Informatics
    • automatic
    • mechanics
    • telecommunications
    • sensor and actuator technologies
  • English-language B2 certificate, not older than 3 years like TOEFL, Cambridge Advanced English Test, IELTS, TOEIC. This document is not required if the language of instruction of your studies is in English and this is certified by an official document or letter from the University. If you should not have any English Certificate, you can enroll in the English Language B2 assessment test, offered by the University. For more information:
  • in accordance with the national legislation, students who at the moment of the admission do not have a sufficient written and oral knowledge of the Italian language, must take at least one of the two courses of Italian Language for foreign students scheduled in the current program table