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What is

For admission to the graduate examination, you must have completed all the credits required by the educational regulations of your degree program.

The graduation examination:

  • has the purpose of highlighting your skills
  • it must ascertain your ability to solve problems present in the reality examined, demonstrating your mastery of knowledge, tools and techniques indispensable for making improvements in the field of territorial enhancement or sustainable tourism

The graduation examination will consist, depending on the curriculum chosen and your professional choices in:

  • a dissertation on the analysis of a scientific object, if you intend to continue your education with a PhD in Italy or abroad
  • a local development project, focused on the valorization of territories or sustainable tourism, if you want to enter professional contexts inherent to the development of territories. The project should be in-depth and articulated, as per national or international project. The research work can also be carried out in facilities outside the University

You will have to carry out your paper under the supervision of a supervisor and a co-rapporteur from the Department of Education, or from among the external faculty of the Master's degree course in Valorization of Territories and Sustainable Tourism.

To take the graduation examination you will need to:

  • submit at least nine months prior to the date of delivery of the documents for admission to the graduation session:
    • the title of the thesis
    • the request for the assignment of the second thesis advisor
  • deliver at least one month before the graduation session:
    • the thesis to the thesis advisors
    • the documents for admission to the graduation session

N.B.You will be able to write the paper in a language of the European Union other than Italian.