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1. Read the admission criteria

You can apply for admission if you have either:

You can access this course only if you have obtained a degree or an equivalent qualification (bachelor's degree, a direct school for special purposes - 3 years), if you meet the curricular requirements and if you successfully pass the requisites assessment.

CV requirements

The admission to the M.Sc in Engineering Technology for Strategy (and Security) is subject to the possession of specific curricular requirements and adequacy of personal preparation.

All the following curricular requirements are required:

  • Degree (Laurea), M.Sc. (Laurea Magistrale), referred to D.M. 509/1999 or D.M. 270/2004, awarded by an Italian university or a five-year degree (ante Ministerial Decree 509/1999), awarded by an Italian university or equivalent qualifications for non-Italian degrees
  • at least 36 CFU (according to ECTS), acquired at any university (undergraduate, graduate, M.Sc., master's degree, five-year degree) in the scientific areas referred by Italian Regulations as base training activities for the degrees in the classes of Engineering: INF/01, ING-INF/05, MAT/02, MAT/03, MAT/05, MAT/06, MAT/07, MAT/08, MAT/09, SECS‐S/02, CHIM/03, CHIM/07, FIS/01, FIS/03, FIS/07, with no less than 30 CFU in basic training activities in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics
  • at least 45 CFU, acquired at any university program (undergraduate, graduate, M.Sc., master's degree, five-year degree) in scientific areas referred to as courses "caratterizzanti" by the Italian regulations, of the degrees of the classes of engineering:
    BIO/07, CHIM/12, GEO/02, GEO/05, GEO/11, ICAR/01, ICAR/02, ICAR/03, ICAR/04, ICAR/05, ICAR/06, ICAR/07, ICAR/08, ICAR/09, ICAR/10, ICAR/11, ICAR/17, ICAR/20, ING-IND/01, ING-IND/02, ING-IND/03, ING-IND/04, ING-IND/05, ING-IND/06, ING-IND/07, ING-IND/08, ING-IND/09, ING-IND/10, ING-IND/11, ING-IND/12, ING-IND/13, ING-IND/14, ING-IND/15, ING-IND/16, ING-IND/17, ING-IND/18, ING-IND/19, ING-IND/20, ING-IND/21, ING-IND/22, ING-IND/23, ING-IND/24, ING-IND/25, ING-IND/26, ING-IND/27, ING-IND/28, ING-IND/31, ING-IND/32, ING-IND/33, ING-IND/34, ING-IND/35, ING-INF/01, ING-INF/02, ING-INF/03, ING-INF/04, ING-INF/05, ING-INF/06, ING-INF/07

For graduates abroad, verification of curricular requirements will be carried out considering appropriate equivalence between courses indicated personal curricula and the indications of the Italian regulations specified above.


If you graduated in UniGe with a recent degree (ex DM 509) and your degree meets the admission criteria, you must directly access the UniGe Online Services.

If you are a UniGe graduate but your degree does not automatically meet the admission criteria or you are a graduate of another university, you have to:

  1. Access the UniGe Online Service
  2. Upload your study career (only for students coming from other Universities), including the prospectus of examinations with the indication, for each subject, of the scientific disciplinary areas and the relevant CFU. At this time, you will have to choose the date for your Admission test.
    N.B. The documentation must be uploaded within 10 days from the date you intend to join.

You will be informed of the outcome of the verification of the admission criteria before the date scheduled for the admission test.

If you don't succeed in the admission criteria verification, you will not be able to take part in the admission test. In this case, you will be suggested a bridge career (carriera ponte) to fill the curricular deficiencies identified.

If instead, you do not pass the admission test, you will be able to take the test for a different Master's Degree or submit to the next test.

N.B. If your Bachelor's degree grade is at least 9/10 of the maximum or has obtained a final grade corresponding to the "A" or "B" classification of the ECTS system, you will not have to take the Admission Test.

You can attend the admission test even if you are not graduated yet, as long as you have already succeeded all the exams and your career meets the admission requirements.

In this case, after pre-enrollment, you have to access Unige's Online Services and choose the admission test date on which you would like to join in.

N.B. As you are not graduated yet, remember that you will not be able to take advantage of the possible exemption for the degree grade.