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Teaching Vademecum

What is a CFU

A Credito Formativo Universitario (CFU) is the Italian equivalent of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). One CFU corresponds to an average of 25 hours of work, including classroom lectures, labs, projects, and independent preparation.

What is the degree

An undergraduate course aims to ensure you master general scientific methods and content and acquire specific professional knowledge.

To earn the degree you must acquire 180 CFUs, equivalent to 3 years of study.

You can enter the bachelor's degree if you have earned a high school diploma.

Verification of initial knowledge and OFAs

For admission to degree programs, you are required to have your basic knowledge tested.

In case of a negative result of the verification you can still enroll in the course of study but you will be assigned additional educational obligations (OFAs). You will then have to fill the gaps in your preparation within the first year of the course.

If you do not show up for the initial knowledge check, you will not be able to enter the 1st year study plan. In the case of failed OFAs, you will not be able to enter the 2nd year study plan.

N.B. The conduct of the verification is compulsory for all, any exceptions are described in the teaching regulations of the courses of study.

Visit the UniGe page of TE.L.E.MA.CO. for more information.

Study plan

This is the pathway that includes all the educational activities (lectures, labs, etc.) you have to do to earn your degree. Some activities are mandatory, others must be chosen from several options, and still others are free choice. The study plan must be filled out every year. Filling out the study plan, by the deadline and correctly, is essential for you to be able to register and take exams.

Study plans are filled out between September and October exclusively online from Online Services for students.

The office that manages study plan entry in student careers is the Single Point of Contact.

In case of difficulty in filling in you can avail yourself of the support of the student tutors, who hold reception at Room O in Via Balbi 4.

Part-time enrollment

If you know you cannot devote full-time to your studies, you can choose to enroll part-time, with a decrease in the amount of tuition fees, equal to the category of partiality you choose from:

  • 1ˆ category - up to 15 CFUs: pay a contribution equal to 25% of the amount due
  • 2ˆ category - up to 30 CFU: pays a contribution equal to 50% of the amount due

To complete a part-time study plan, you must access the compilation of an individual plan. Each year, with the compilation of the study plan, you can change the category, or decide to return to full-time.

Teaching sheets

In the fact sheet of each teaching published on the UniGe website you will find information about the objectives and contents, bibliography, lecturer in charge of the course, examination methods, and reception hours.

Class schedule

You can check the class schedule through the Easyacademy portal.

Student Tutors

Tutors are a point of reference for students, especially freshmen: they are available for assistance in completing study plans and other paperwork, such as filling out the graduation application.

Guidance tutors receive weekly in Balbi 4 (classroom O, ground floor) and online, on the Teams platform (team code: ub0u9tn); teaching tutors support in the preparation of exams or individual teaching units and can also be a support in the editorial aspects of final exams with their efforts.

Consult the website of the Guidance and Tutoring Service for more information.