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A mentor for you

The University of Genoa provides you with three types of tutors free of charge who can help you enjoy your college experience.

Tutors are older students, who have taken specific courses, and who will be an important reference point during your career.

Tutor reception

Are you a newly enrolled student?


Host tutors can help you fit into university life, move around the University's various facilities, find useful information, and fill out your study plan.

Educational Tutor

Do you want advice or support to pass some exams?

You can turn to teaching tutors, students enrolled at least in the fourth year who, thanks to their experience, can give you useful suggestions on your study method and supplement the lecturer's teaching with exercises and insights.

Au pair tutor

Do you have needs related to disabilities or specific learning disorders (SLDs)?

Pair tutors can help you with one-on-one meetings to better organize your course of study and prepare for exams.