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What is

The compilation of the questionnaires of the evaluation of teaching is an important tool to bring out any critical issues and weaknesses in the courses of study. It serves as a means for faculty to implement necessary corrective measures in course design, teaching delivery and student services.

In the questionnaires you can evaluate:

  • the teachings in your curriculum for the current academic year
  • teachings in your study plan from previous years that you have not yet taken, as long as they are still present in the current academic year's manifesto with the same code
  • your course of study at the end of each academic year

N.B.You can also decide not to grade, but it would be a missed opportunity for improvement.

Who has to fill it out?

You can fill out the questionnaire if you are a student:

  • regularly enrolled in bachelor's, master's or single-cycle master's degree programs
  • full-time, part-time or repeating

You do not have to fill it out if you are a student:

  • Erasmus Incoming, i.e., if you are enrolled at foreign universities but carry out your studies in Genoa with the Erasmus Program
  • enrolled in Higher Education Courses (Postgraduate Schools, PhDs, Masters)

N.B.The annual assessment is not available for students enrolled out of course.