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Before leaving

Before leaving remember to:

  • check the deadlines and registration procedures, in case you have chosen one of the manifest destinations
  • check the validity of your identity card or passport. If expiring, arrange for renewal
  • check the procedures for entry and stay in the foreign country (read the relevant section of the notice)
  • check that you have a valid health card. Make sure with your ASL that you have health insurance coverage
  • enrol in language courses at the Language Competence Development Sector (ex CLAT), if assigned
  • fill out the Before the mobility part of the Learning Agreement, which you can find in the Important Documents section of this page (following the guidelines). This part must be signed by you, the chairperson of your CCS or Department Delegate and the person responsible at the foreign office. Once all the authorisations have been obtained, you will need to provide copies to the Erasmus staff at your Department/School
  • take the compulsory language examination Erasmus+ OLS