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During Erasmus+

Upon your arrival

  • enrol at the foreign university or register with the host institution
  • within 5 days of your arrival have the certificate of arrival (Form A in the Important Documents section of this page) completed, stamped and signed by the foreign university or host institution and sent to the International Mobility Department

To modify the Learning Agreement

You have the option of amending the Learning Agreement, by filling out the During the mobility.This document must be signed by all parties involved.

To extend the stay

If you intend to extend your stay abroad beyond the duration provided for in the agreement, you must send to the International Mobility Department the request for authorisation (Annex B in the Important Documents section of this page) complete with a declaration of the foreign university's willingness to accept the Erasmus+ conditions for the new duration.

You must send your documentation at least 30 days before the end of the Erasmus period that you have signed up for.

Remember that the period abroad:

  • cannot last longer than 12 months (must end before 30 September of the year in question)
  • there may be no interruptions between the traineeship period already authorised and its extension (holidays and days when the host institute is closed are not to be considered as interruptions to the traineeship period)
  • you must justify the request for an extension by completing the During the mobility section of the Learning Agreement