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How to participate


In order to participate, you must submit to the Course Council, through your department's Erasmus Office:

  • the documentation necessary to verify that you have the prerequisites corresponding to those required for admission to the Erasmus+ call for traineeship
  • purposes
  • the information that will enable the Council to prepare the resolution

If the proposal is accepted, you must complete the online application at or using your UniGePass credentials for access, including the endorsement letter


On receipt of the resolution, the Internationalization Service will contact you by email in case you are successful and then prepare the mobility contract, a document that specifies the terms of your stay abroad (e.g.: period, type of activity, UniGe contact person for the mobility, the terms and modalities of the scholarship disbursement). You will necessarily have to sign it before departure.

By signing it you commit yourself to:

  • carry out the activities stipulated in the endorsement letter
  • comply with the conditions stipulated for both the achievement of CFUs and the disbursement of the scholarship