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Financial contribution

The study grant and the travel expense grant within the maximum amounts provided will be disbursed as follows:

  • 1st installment following the signing of the contract and related insurance fulfillments:
    • 50% of the grant
  • 2nd installment upon return:
    • 50% of the scholarship
    • travel expense contribution

The second and final installment of the scholarship will be paid only upon the actual recognition of at least 2 total CFUs for the activity abroad. If you have not earned any credits, you will also have to return what you have already received.

For the disbursement of the scholarship, travel expenses contribution, and for the recognition of the mobility period you will have to send, once you return, to the Internationalization Service the following documents:

  • a statement certifying the period of mobility and the activity performed, completed and stamped by the host facility
  • your activity report
  • .

The activity must be continuous, so any requests for interruption you must notify promptly. The mobility activity can be monitored for smooth progress.