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To determine the graduation grade contribute:

  • average of grades from curricular examinations, including grades from internship activities (expressed in hundredths)
  • points awarded for each honors obtained in proficiency examinations (0.2 points per honors, up to a maximum of 2 points)
  • points awarded for duration of studies (0.5 points less for each repeated year, up to a maximum of -1.5)
  • points awarded for any period of study abroad: 1 point for 2 months + 0.5 points for any extension up to a maximum of 1.5
  • points awarded in the performance of the practicum examination (expressed in tenths)
  • points awarded by the graduate committee in the discussion of the thesis (expressed in tenths)

The committee has up to a maximum of 10 points available for:

  • the theoretical-application-experimental paper
  • the practical test
  • the curriculum (excluding marks for praise and repeated years)

The overall mark is rounded up or down to the nearest whole number.