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Technical Directions.

Ways of writing the thesis

While writing the thesis, in Italian, remember to respect the rules used for scientific texts.

In particular, you must be careful:

  • to clarity in the description of the experimental methods used and the results of the research
  • to the bibliography

You can accompany the paper with a full translation of it or a translated summary.

Photographic/audiovisual filming

Read the regulations of the accreditation procedure for conducting photographic and/or audiovisual filming activities inside university buildings (effective 06/28/2013).

Online thesis uploading

Next, you must upload to the Web Student portal the thesis pdf file and the Italian and English versions of the abstract. Next, your thesis advisor will have to approve the online documentation in the same way he or she approved your application.

If you need help, write an email to the assistance.

Copies of the thesis

You must printtwo copies of your thesis. One stays with you and the other you have to deliver to your thesis advisor a few days before your graduation session.

N.B.If your session is held remotely, delivery to the thesis advisor is not necessary.