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What it is

For admission to the master's degree exam you must have obtained all the credits required by the teaching regulation of your degree course.

The final test consists of a discussion of a written dissertation (thesis),to the nominated Degree Commission, worked out individually with the support of one or more supervisors: among the supervisors, there should be at least one teacher of the Polytechnic School and/or of the Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

The thesis may consist of either a project or a monographic research (theoretical or experimental) consistent with the subjects of the Master's degree.

The thesis should reveal the student's ability in relation to research and/or applicative issues.

The thesis should also reveal:

  • adequate preparation in the disciplines characterizing the Master's degree
  • correct use of sources and bibliography
  • knowledge of a language of the European Union, with particular reference to technical-scientific terminology
  • systematic and argumentative skills
  • clarity in exposure
  • design skills and experimental capacity
  • critical capacity