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On this page, the dates and committees of graduation sessions are posted and updated.

Final exams are four per year, approximately from the 15th to the 30th of:

  • February
  • July
  • October
  • December

In accordance with Paragraph 4 of Article 30 of the University Teaching Regulations, degree awarding committees shall consist of at least five members, including the Chairperson, and shall be appointed by the Director of the DAD or, by his/her delegation, by the Coordinator of the course of study, without prejudice to the coordinating and liaison function of the Department and School. A majority of the members, or three out of five members, must be tenured professors and researchers. At least one of the two faculty members serving as rapporteur and co-rapporteur must be tenured (in case the rapporteur is a contract professor, the co-rapporteur must be a tenured professor).

N.B.If the number of undergraduates is excessive, the undergraduate examinations may begin on the day before the one indicated.

Date Committee Notes
February 19 - 22  2024      
March 4  2024