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Instructions for use.

What is

AlmaLaurea is a public inter-university consortium joined by many Italian universities, including UniGe.
The service was established in 1994 as a meeting point between young people, universities and companies, giving itself two important goals:

  • collect information and evaluations from graduates to learn about their university career and employment status
  • make available online the curricula of:
    • new graduates, to facilitate their entry into the world of work
    • graduates with many years of work experience, to facilitate the matching of demand and supply of skilled labor

From the experience of AlmaLaurea came AlmaDiploma, to create a bridge between upper secondary school, university and the world of work, and AlmaOrièntati, the orientation pathway to guide high school graduates in their choice of university course of study.

The questionnaire

Universities that are members of AlmaLaurea ask their undergraduates, through a questionnaire that guarantees privacy, to express an evaluation of the university experience they are about to complete and to provide a range of personal curricular information. The data, aggregated and anonymized, are used by MIUR (Ministry of Education, Ministry of University and Research) to evaluate universities and by AlmaLaurea to carry out graduate surveys.

By filling out the questionnaire you contribute:

  • to improve UniGe
  • to help with orientation for prospective students
  • to monitor how your job profile fits into the world of work

To fill out the questionnaire you must have the AlmaLaurea login credentials.

Are you already enrolled in AlmaLaurea?

If this is yourfirst time accessing the service you need to register for the portal.

If you are already enrolled in AlmaLaurea:

  1. Log in to AlmaLaurea
  2. .
  3. Log in to your personal area with your AlmaLaurea credentials. If you have forgotten Username or Password, on the site you will find all the instructions to retrieve them
  4. .
  5. In the My Degrees section, select Add a degree
  6. .
  7. Fill out the Enter titleor Uncertified educational experience
  8. section.
  9. In the My Titles section, the Fill Out Questionnaire
  10. icon will be activated.
  11. When you have finished filling out the questionnaire, print out the receipt that you will need to hand in at the Student Desk when you submit your graduation application.

Access problems

In case of problems with AlmaLaurea credentials you can: