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Habilitation as a pharmacist

The State examination for qualification to practise as a pharmacist, according to the dictate of DM 271 of 9/9/1957 s.m.i. as amended by DI 570 of 20 June 2022, takes place annually in two sessions.

The day on which the State examination begins is established for all venues, for each session, by ministerial order and normally the first session begins in July and the second session in November.

Those who have obtained a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree - class 14/S Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy according to the previous educational system, or those who have obtained a single-cycle Master's degree in Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy - class LM-13 according to the previous educational system that did not qualify, or those who have obtained or obtain abroad a qualification recognised as suitable under the regulations in force are qualified to exercise the profession of pharmacist following the passing of a State examination, to be conducted with the simplified procedures set out in DI 570 of 20 June 2022.


The state examination consists of the performance of a single oral test aimed at ascertaining the candidate's cultural preparation as well as the notions, skills and abilities regarding the professional profile of the pharmacist, with particular reference to the following areas professional ethics; conduct and performance of the pharmaceutical service; dispensing, storage and preparation of medicines; services provided within the framework of the National Health Service; information and health education of the population; entrepreneurial management of the pharmacy as well as all the services provided for by the regulations in force.
The test is assessed by a mark expressed in hundredths. The qualification is awarded with a mark of at least 60/100.

The judging commission for the State examination has an equal composition and is made up, for half, of university professors designated by the university, one of whom acts as the president of the commission, and, for the other half, pharmacists designated by the Order of Pharmacists of the province in which the university is located who have been registered for at least five years in the relevant professional roll.

The State examination sessions for the years 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026 are called by order of the Minister of Universities and Research. After five years from the date of entry into force of Law no. 163 of 8 November 2021, the graduate may apply to a university that is the seat of the Master of Science in Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy course to sit the State examination referred to in this decree in the sessions set out for the conduct of the practical assessment test referred to in the ministerial decree adopted pursuant to Article 3 of Law no. 163 of 8 November 2021.

Application for admission

From the year 2023 onwards, the application for admission to the licence examination will be made exclusively via the online application procedure available at:

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