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What is

The extracurricular (post-graduation) internship is aimed at facilitating your career choices during the transition between university and work, through training in direct contact with the world of work.

This type of internship is governed by regional regulations, depending on where it is held or the company's registered office.

You can do your extracurricular internship (either training or guidance) within the first 12 months from the date you graduated.

N.B.Some regional disciplines (including that of Regione Liguria) extend this possibility even after you have obtained your master's or doctoral degree.

The host entity must:

  • obligatorily award you a participation allowance
  • release to you, at the end of the internship, a certificate of the activities performed and the skills you have acquired

N.B.For internships activated in favor of university graduates, it is necessary to make, within 24 hours before the beginning of the internship, a communication telematics UNILAV.