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Management of reports

For logistical-administrative reports, the problem is assigned a sequential number (ticket) that is either immediately handled or possibly assigned by operators to the relevant sectors.

The user is simultaneously notified that the problem has been taken care of and that it has been concluded (OTRS service - Open-source Ticket Request System). The QA Committee takes up the reports and, if appropriate, suggests any further corrective actions.

For reports related to the management of teaching activities (scope 4 of the cuisopra table), the procedure provides:

  1. Receipt and Taking Charge Stage
    Reports are received by the Course Coordinator who promptly notifies the reporter of their "TAKE CHARGE" by confirmation e-mail and ensures the necessary confidentiality of the reporter and all other persons who may be involved in the procedure.
  2. Investigation phase
    The Coordinator shall verify the relevance and substantiation of the report received, ensuring that the report is substantiated and justified.
    Reports that do not contain the indication of precise and verifiable facts will not be taken into consideration. In the latter cases, notice will be given to the reporter of the assessment of manifest groundlessness and irrelevance of his report, indicating in a concise, clear and comprehensive manner the reasons for the rejection.
  3. Management phase and implementation of corrective actions
    Once the Coordinator has verified the merits of the report, he proceeds to forward the report to the QA Committee of the CdS concerned by the report.
    The CoS QA Committee then adopts a decision in which it suggests possible corrective actions; the decision is communicated to the parties concerned.
    Even if the CoS QA Committee finds that it is unable to reach a decision that contains operational proposals and/or suggests improvement actions, it still registers the report. The CoS QA Commission shall also periodically provide the CoS with an account of the reports received, always safeguarding confidentiality.
  4. Ecome of the report and communication of the response
    The entire process shall be exhausted within the maximum term of 40 (forty) days from its initiation, coinciding with the sending of the report. In exceptional cases, adequately justified, the QA Committee of the CoS may make use of an additional maximum period of 30 (thirty) days, at the expiration of which the procedure must in any case find a definition. The closure of the proceeding and its outcome will be appropriately communicated by the Coordinator of the CdS via e-mail to the reporting party and any other interested parties. The Teaching Office of the DICCA will file the report or complaint and its outcome for verification and evaluation of the effectiveness of corrections.