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Before you leave

Before you leave, please remember to:

  • check the deadlines and ways to enroll in a foreign university, if you have chosen one of the destinations of the manifesto
  • check your identity card or passport validity (renew if it's about to expire)
  • check the "Entering and staying in the foreign country" section of the call
  • check that you have your Health Insurance Card with you and make sure that you have health coverage at your ASL
  • enroll in the language courses of the Settore Sviluppo Competenze Linguistiche - ex CLAT (Language Skills Development Sector), if assigned
  • fill in the Before the mobility part of the Learning Agreement, which you can find in the Important documents section of this page (please, read the guidelines). Sign it and have it signed by the President of the CCS or the Department Delegate. Scan the document and send it by email to the contact person of the foreign university. Ask to sign it and send it back. Once you've got it, please send it by email to School Desk

N.B. For more information please read the Erasmus+ for traineeship student kit and the International mobility manual for students in the Important documents section of this page.

Renounce of the Erasmus+ mobility period and scholarship

You can renounce your mobility period and your scholarship by using the renouncement form (Annex C in the Important documents section of this page).

Please return ASAP the filled form and a photocopy of your ID to the Settore Mobilità Internazionale, or send it by mail or fax, within the date defined in the call.