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Admission criteria

If you want to study in UniGe as an Erasmus student you should be nominated by your home university first.
If the number of students applying for a place exceeds the number of places available, applications will be processed and accepted in chronological order.

To be an Erasmus+ exchange student, you must meet all the following requirements. Once these steps are completed, you may proceed with the application form.

You can participate if there is a valid Erasmus+ Interinstitutional agreement between your home Institution and UniGe for a.y. 2021/22.

N.B. If in the application form you do not find your study area, please contact your University.

Recommended language skills 

If you want to choose Units from the Master’s Degree in Architectural Composition you must meet the following requirements:

  • Language skills: English B2 CEFR - certificate
  • Portfolio max 6 A4 size (5 MB)

Are you a non-EU citizen?

If you are a non-EU citizen, before coming to Italy for Erasmus+ in UniGe, please consult the web site of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the page dedicated to Consular services or the Italian Consulate, to find out whether you need a visa to enter Italy.

Please consider that if you do meet the visa requirements and you do not get the student visa, you won’t be enrolled.

If you need a visa, UniGe can issue an Invitation Letter, containing data about the Erasmus+ period.

N.B. Before asking for the invitation letter, be sure that your Application form has reached our International Mobility Office (you should have received a confirmation message).

In order to issue the Invitation Letter, we need to receive only by email the following documents:

  1. Student’s request of issue duly signed by the applicant, containing the complete address of the Italian Embassy or Consulate where the student applied for the visa.
  2. Copy of a valid passport

The invitation letter will be issued not earlier than 15 days from the receipt of the documents listed above.

Please, remember, the invitation letter will be issued only if:

  • the above mentioned documents are sent in the requested way
  • the requested documents are complete
  • the passport is valid

UniGe will communicate every change requested by you or your home institution to the Italian Embassy where you applied for the visa.

Your home institution and UniGe will provide assistance, when required, in securing visas for incoming participants from your home institution, according to the requirements of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

Information and assistance can be provided by our Settore Mobilità Internazionale (International Mobility Office).




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Your home institution and UniGe will provide assistance in obtaining insurance for you, according to the requirements of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. UniGe will inform you of cases in which insurance coverage is not automatically provided.

Information and assistance can be provided by UNIPOL-SAI, div. La Fondiaria (Liability insurance n. 151189675, exp. 30/06/2020).

Where are you from?

Bring along the European Health Service card issued in your country of residence.

If you need to undertake medical examinations, you can address any general practitioner free of charge (a list of general practitioners is available upon request at the Settore mobilità internazionale).

The General practitioner can prescribe medicines or specific examinations.

In Genoa, specific examinations must be booked through a phone call to:

CUP (Central reservations office)

  • tel. 800 098 543 (only from house phones)
    tel. 010 538 3400 (also from mobile phones)
    from 8 am to 6 pm
  • tel. 800098543 (free number from fixed-line and mobile)
    from 8 am to 6 pm during weekdays, except Saturday

N.B. You do not need to apply to the italian National Health Service (SSN)

You must apply to the italian National Health Service.

In order to submit your application, you have to pay € 149,77 through a postal payment slip (C/C n° 606160) in the name of Amministrazione P.T. Regione Liguria indicating “Assicurazione volontaria SSN anno.....(Voluntary Health Insurance year...) in the reason for payment. For example: Assicurazione volontaria SSN anno 2020.

N.B. The payment is valid for 1 calendar year. This insurance guarantees total cover and entitles you to choose your own general practitioner.

Alternatively, you can subscribe a private health insurance policy with WAI Italy: you have to register on Welcome Association Italy and then pay € 120 for one year or € 71 for six months, through a postal payment slip.

Once you paid, you have to send copy of the postal payment slip to the following e-mail address:
Later on, you can find copy of your health insurance policy on-line in your personal area on WAI Italy web site.

The abovementioned insurance policy is suitable to apply for the residence permit issue or renewal.

If an insurance policy is required in order to obtain a visa, you are obliged to subscribe to it abroad.

Once in Genoa, in case of emergency you can contact the emergency rooms of S. Martino hospital and Galliera hospitals or call the emergency number 112.