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Course transitions

A student enrolled in a course of study at the University of Genoa who has not submitted a waiver of studies, can make use of the career already carried out in case of transfer to another course (the career already carried out can be used for the new course or, in case of transfer without validation of the previous career, it can be kept and used in the future, in case of other enrollments).

  • pre-enroll online to the new course  
  • before enrolling in the new course (pass) or in the new order of the same course (option) to be made within the deadlines provided or indicated in the notices if they are courses with a programmed number, under penalty of loss of place, the student must pay any fees that may be owed related to the academic year in which he/she was enrolled and the reconnaissance fee for the academic years in which he/she was not enrolled
  • within 15 days from the confirmation of enrollment, the student shall apply for the recognition of the educational activities already completed through appropriate online procedure

The evaluation of the previous university career is carried out by a resolution of the Board of Studies, which identifies the part of the career that is confirmed, determining the number and type of educational credits still to be acquired and the possible admission to years subsequent to the first.

In any case, for courses of study with a programmed number of students, it is necessary to enroll in the first year of the course by the deadline, after passing the relevant admission test and be usefully placed in the ranking.


Course passage deadlines