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Enrolling part-time

You can enroll part-time if you include teachings of 30 CFU or less per year in your study plan. 

You can choose the type of part-time enrollment at the same time as submission of the study plan, specifying the number of credits you intend to include in the plan.
For information:

Please note

  • student has obtained approval of study plans for all the profit examinations of his or her course of study and final examination
  • the student submits a study plan by including only the final examination and/or additional extracurricular educational activities
  • the student unconventionally distributes the CFUs provided for the degree in a number of years equal to the normal duration of the course (art. 5, 2 paragraph, of Ministerial Decree 270/2004).


  • Example CL 1st year full-time enrollment => 70 CFU; 2nd year full-time enrollment => 80 CFU; 3rd year full-time enrollment => 30 CFU
  • Example CLM: 1st year full-time enrollment => 90 CFU; 2nd year full-time enrollment => 30 CFU

If you enroll part-time, you have to pay the stamp duty and regional tax in the same way as the first installment. With the second and third installments you will pay a percentage of university fee, as follows:

  1. study plan up to 15 credits: the university contribution is 25% of the regular amount
  2. study plan up to 30 credits: the university contribution is 50% of the ordinary amount

For more details see Article 12 of Student Contribution Regulations.

To learn more: Student Contribution and Benefits Branch