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Iscriversi a singole attività formative

If you have the required qualification for university entrance and wish to deepen your knowledge or supplement your university curriculum, you can register for individual educational activities, attend them and take their exams. 

To enroll in one or more individual educational activities, you can apply starting July 15 at the Single Desk of the course in which the teaching is delivered by sending:

  • form available at the page Forms
  • a recent passport-size photograph with high-definition printing on high-quality paper
  • a double-sided photocopy of a valid photo ID
  • .
  • a tax payment receipt
  • .

For each individual training activity, the amounts are:

  • stamp tax €16 (to be paid only once in case of simultaneous enrollment in two or more educational activities)
  • contribution: €50 multiplied by the number of CFUs corresponding to the individual teaching.

As a general rule, enrollment in individual educational activities is not allowed within the framework of courses of study with programmed access.

Enrollment in individual educational activities for "in-depth study"


If you are enrolled in a course of study at the University, you can include extracurricular teachings in your study plan up to a maximum of 12 CFUs without paying additional fees.
For the teaching qualification or access to professions, students can include an additional 6 CFUs without paying any contribution. For any additional credits, the cost of each CFU, to be multiplied by the number of credits entered in the plan is 50%of the ordinary amount.

For graduates who, not being enrolled in a course of study, enroll in individual courses for the purpose of qualifying for teaching or access to the professions, the cost of each CFU, to be multiplied by the number of credits entered in the plan, is equal to 50% of the ordinary amount.

Enroll in individual educational activities aimed at admission to master's degree programs (so-called "bridging career")

For enrollment in individual educational activities aimed at admission to master's degree courses, up to a maximum of 40 CFUs, the student must pay only the stamp duty. The student, having acquired the CFUs by the deadline, may enroll, for the same academic year, in the master's degree course. The stamp duty amount will be considered valid for enrollment purposes. The student will be required to supplement the student contribution with the payment of any fees that may be due. The CFUs thus acquired are recognized and certified exclusively for the purpose of access to the master's degree program of this University.
A student who does not acquire all the CFUs required for enrollment in the master's degree by the established deadline or, after acquiring the CFUs, does not finalize enrollment in the master's degree, may obtain certification of the course of study completed upon payment of a university contribution calculated on the basis of the provisions of Article 15, paragraph 1, of Student Contribution Regulations.

As a rule, it is not possible to enroll in the individual educational activities of the programmed numbered study courses.

For exceptions, please refer to the Manifestos of Studies of the courses.