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Late matriculation and enrollment

Students enrolling for the first time at the university must finalize their registration (online confirmation) by the deadlines set for the current year

After the due date, a late fee of:

  • 20 euros for the first 10 days of delay
  • 52 euros for a delay of more than 10 days

Students wishing to enroll in a programmed-numbered course must take an entrance exam.
. The deadlines for registering for the exam are mandatory and are defined in the admission notices.

Case study

The student who intends to:

  • to pursue another degree
  • .
  • resume studiesafter a period of interruption (lapsed students or not enrolled for a certain number of years)
  • apply for recognition of studies completed abroad

may request, prior to matriculation, an evaluation of previous studies (so-called case study), according to the deadlines established, by making a payment of €100 in the manner provided in the services online and filling out an application in current revenue stamp (contact the competent Student Secretariat for activation of the payment to be made).

For courses with programmed numbering, prior evaluation is not allowed and requests for recognition of studies carried out are subject to passing the relevant admission test and finalizing enrollment.

The payment of € 100, in case of enrollment, will be considered as an advance of the contribution. The contribution cannot be refunded under any title.