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Renunciation of studies

Visit the dedicated Discontinuation of Studies page to get the useful information onDiscontinuation of Studies and Career Freeze


Resume studies

If you discontinued your studies as a result of non-enrollment, you can apply to resume them later.

In the year in which you resume your studies, you will have to pay any debit fees related to the academic years in which you were enrolled and the reconnaissance fee for the academic years in which you were not enrolled, amounting to:

  •    € 200 in the case of discontinuation for only one academic year
  •    € 100 for each academic year of interruption after the first and up to the eighth
  •    € 900 in the case of interruption beyond eight academic years.

For courses with programmed numbers, the resumption of studies is subject not only to the approval of the competent course council but also to the availability of places.

It is also possible to apply for the recognition of lapsed or renounced careers by paying the following fees:

  •    € 500 in the case of careers declared forfeited at other universities
  •    € 500 to € 800 in the case of careers declared forfeited.