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How to activate a curricular traineeship

Before you can do the traineeship, you must obtain the certificate for the Online Course on Occupational Safety and Health. The course:

  • takes place entirely in e-learning mode
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  • is divided into 4 modules
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  • has a total duration of 4 hours

To complete the course, you must have viewed all the video lectures, passed the relevant self-assessment tests and the final examination. At the end of the course, you will receive a digital certificate and be able to download the certificate in pdf format.

To access the online course you must log on to and authenticate with your UniGePASS credentials. The registration key is "student" or "graduate".



To activate the traineeship:

  1. Contact the administrative contact person of the internship office
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  3. Get in touch with the contact person within the company (company tutor) and with the university tutor (professor of your course of study)
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  5. Invite the company to register on the portal Student Curricular Activities: Internships and Theses  (if not already registered). It then initiates the necessary paperwork for the internship.
    N.B. User Manuals are available on the Portal homepage. For assistance in using the Platform, please write to
  6. .

Your company tutor will be responsible for introducing you to the work environment and helping you acclimatise, as well as assessing your progress and the achievement of your training objectives at the end of the placement.


UniGe, in its capacity as promoter, provides insurance against accidents at work with INAIL and, for liability, with insurance companies operating in the sector.

CFU recognition

Attention: Curricular placements, activated during the degree course, are now managed by the platform Student Curricular Activities: Internship and Thesis

Currently, however, the platform does not manage the recognition of CFUs in careers.