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Who should carry out the Verification

How to register

To take the Verification of Adequacy of Graduate Personal Preparation you must do the pre-enrolment so as to be on the lists of students who must take the test.

Following this, if the test is successful, you must confirm your pre-enrolment.

N.B.: Pre-enrolment and verification of the adequacy of personal preparation are free of charge. Payment of the first fee and regional fee is due upon confirmation of enrolment.

How it works

Verification of Adequacy of  Personal Preparation consists of a test in the form of a public interview, a written test or a video interview via telematics. The test takes place in the presence of an examination committee composed of at least two members of the admissions committee for the degree program, which is itself appointed by the CCS and consists of teaching staff who are themselves members of the CCS.

The result of the examination is assessed as "pass" or "fail".

Where and when

Dates will be published in this section as soon as they are available.

To prepare you