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Who should conduct the Verification

How to access

How it works

If the admission criteria are met, you will have to take a requirements assessment before a committee to ascertain your general knowledge.

For all foreign students and Italian students with an average grade point average of less than 27/30 there is an interview. The interview is public and aims to ascertain the student's general knowledge.

In particular, the scope of the examination will refer to the knowledge of the fundamentals of Engineering and the professional application aspects of the following subject areas:

  • mathematical/physical sciences
  • computer architectures, data structures and algorithms
  • analog and digital electronics
  • signal processing and transmission
  • networks and telecommunication systems

You can repeat the MSc program admission test for a maximum of three times.

The student certifies his or her English language proficiency at the B2 level or higher by means of appropriate certificates in his or her possession or, in the absence of these, by passing the test B2 organized by the University of Genoa Language Center (CLAT UniGe). The English language proficiency requirement is also met if the student holds a bachelor's degree in English, to be certified through an official document or letter issued by the corresponding university and indicating that the studies were carried out in English. If the preceding conditions are not met, English proficiency must be assessed as part of the aforementioned personal preparation test by the corresponding Examination Board.

Where and when

05 September 2023 (graduation 21 July)
26 September 2023 (graduation 15 September)
14 November 2023 (graduation 16 September)
23 January 2024 (graduation 19 December)
20 February 2024 (graduation 15 February)

Location will be communicated by email near the date


English B2 language assessment test:

  • Thursday 16 May registration from 17 April, by 9 a.m. on 6 May 2024
  • Thursday 13 June registration from 17 May, by 9 a.m. on 3 June 2024
  • Wednesday 26 June registration from 27 May, by 9 a.m. on 17 June 2024
  • Thursday 19 September registration from 19 August, by 9 a.m. on 9 September 2024
  • Thursday 21 November registration from 21 October, by 9.00 a.m. on 11 November 2024
  • .
  • Thursday 23 January enrolment from 23 December, by 09.00 on 13 January 2025
  • Thursday 13 February registration from 13 January, by 9 a.m. on 3 February 2025

Further information is available on the Polytechnic School website at the link:

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