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Graduate schools

The School of Specialization represents a professional post-graduate course aimed at providing knowledge and skills for the performance of highly qualified functions required for the exercise of particular professional activities (Ministerial Decree 270/2004).

Specialization Schools belong to the 3rd-cycle university studies; they can be entered with a Master's Degree, a Specialist Degree or a Degree obtained according to the former system.
The educational regulations of each school establish the duration of the course of study, admission requirements, educational activities, and educational objectives. At the end of the course, a specialization diploma is awarded.

The Schools of Specialization in thesector of cultural heritage protection have a duration of two academic years, which may be divided into semesters or quarters, and provide for the acquisition of 120 CFU, with an adequate number of credits reserved for internships and training stages. Attendance is compulsory; the modalities of its verification are established by the individual graduate schools.

The Schools of specialization in the field of cultural heritage protection activated at this University are as follows:

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