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You will have to take an initial preparation test to assess your knowledge of mathematics and maritime culture. 

In addition, if you do not have a language certificate of level B2 or higher (C1 or C2), you will have to take an English language test at level B2. The certifications accepted at the University are listed on the dedicated CLAT page. Certifications verified as compliant will allow the B2 level to be recognised.

Both tests are not selective nor do they foresee any closed number and will be available in several sessions during the first semester. If you do not reach the minimum score required in the initial preparation test or in the English language proficiency test, you will be given Additional Educational Obligations (OFAs) which you can fulfil within the first semester of the first year of the course.

How it works

The test lasts a total of 90 minutes and consists of answering 50 multiple-choice questions proposed in English as follows:

General and maritime culture - 10 questions
the questions will focus on knowledge of general and maritime culture and are aimed at verifying basic knowledge about culture and history

Logic and mathematics - 20 questions
verification of the ability to logically complete a reasoning, in a manner consistent with the premises that are set out in symbolic or verbal form through multiple-choice questions
For the mathematical part the questions are aimed at ascertaining the mastery of:

  • numerical sets and arithmetic (natural, relative, rational, real numbers; ordering and comparison of numbers; order of magnitude; operations, powers, radicals, logarithms), algebraic calculation
  • Euclidean geometry (polygons, circumference and circle, measurements of lengths, surfaces and volumes, isometry, similarities and equivalences, geometric places)
  • elements of plane trigonometry (sine, cosine, tangent functions and their inverses, fundamental relations of goniometry, formulas for associated angles, theorems for right triangles)

English language knowledge - 20 questions
The test is aimed at ascertaining comprehension of the English language. Students who present a language certificate of level B2 or higher among those accepted by the University will not have to take this part of the test.

When and where

It will be held in early October, November and February - in person - at the University of Genoa.