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CODE 57118
  • 10 cfu during the 1st year of 8768 SCIENZE INTERNAZIONALI E DIPLOMATICHE (L-36) - GENOVA
    LANGUAGE Italian
  • SEMESTER 1° Semester


    The matter Public law includes constitutional law and fundamental aspects of administrative law.




    The course introduces students to the study of public law (which includes the various issues of constitutional law and the basic notions of administrative law) also in order to provide students with correct legal terminology.


    The aim of teaching of Public law is to provide a wide knowledge of constitutional law and of the fundamental notions of administrative law.
    The teaching provides the basis for the study of the other matters included in educational offer of the three-year degree course International and Diplomatic Sciences; it is also correlated with the other teachings of that course, with particular regard to those held in the first year (history of political doctrines, sociology, contemporary history), contributing to the interdisciplinary education of students.
    At the end of the study of the matter Public law, students will be able:
    to understand and comment on Italian Constitution,
    to recognize the various sources of Italian law, also in relation to the sources of international law and European Union law,
    to understand the relationships between the constitutional organs of Italian State,
    to understand the relationships between jurisdictions,
    to know the territorial articulations of Italian State,
    to read and distinguish between the different types of judgments of the Constitutional Court,
    to identify the modalities of protection of the fundamental rights of the person,
    to understand the basic methods of functioning of Italian public administration.


    60 hours of lectures given by the professor and possibly by experts invited to deepen specific topics (teachers of other universities, magistrates, persons who have held institutional charges, etc. ...).

    The teaching will be held in presence. If health situation requires distance lessons, totally or partially, notice will be given through Aulaweb page of the teaching: in both cases lessons will be held online, on team "IS Ist. dir. pubbl. SID" code to enter  wx471ob.

    In addition to the 60 lectures, for students who have difficulty in learning juridical matters, meetings will be organized to deapen the main topics, with particular attention to the meaning of the terms and features of public law in Italian language.

    Students are recommended to register for Aulaweb, where teaching materials, exam results and other information (for instance, the change of the date of an exam) will be uploaded.


    The content of Public Law provides for the study of the following topics:

    notions of jurifìdical rule and of juridical system;

    Constitution and the system of sources of law;

    forms of State and forms of government;

    relationships between Italian State, European Union and international system;

    rights and duties of citizens and of persons;

    organization of Italian Republic: constitutional bodies and their functions;

    ordinary and special judges;

    constitutional guarantees: the Constitutional Court and the constitutional review procedure;

    Regions and local autonomies;

    principles of administrative law.



    1) Students who will guarantee the minimum attendance of 70% of hours of lectures will prepare the exam a) on the lecture notes; b) on the text S. Baroncelli and others, Lineamenti di diritto pubblico, Giappichelli, 2021 or on the text  A. Barbera - C. Fusaro, Course of public law, Il Mulino, last publication.
    2) Students who can not guarantee the minimum attendance will prepare the exam: a) on the text S. Baroncelli and others, Lineamenti di diritto pubblico, Giappichelli, 2021 or on the text A. Barbera - C. Fusaro, Course of public law, Il Mulino, last publication; b) on the materials uploaded to Aulaweb.
    3) Students who do not possess adequate knowledge of Italian language (Erasmus and other foreigners) will prepare the exam on the text S. Baroncelli and others, Lineamenti di diritto pubblico, Giappichelli, 2021.
    The study of all the indicated programs indicated must be accompanied by a careful reading of Italian Constitution (downloadable from


    Exam Board

    PATRIZIA VIPIANA (President)


    LUCA BALDINI (Substitute)

    OMAR CARAMASCHI (Substitute)


    MASSIMO RUARO (Substitute)

    LORENZO SOTTILE (Substitute)

    MATTEO TIMO (Substitute)



    Lessons will be held in the first semester and will start in September 2022

    Class schedule

    All class schedules are posted on the EasyAcademy portal.



    The exam will be held in presence in written form (three open-ended questions, to be carried out in 1 hour, differentiated between attending and non-attending students). Students who pass the written exam may ask to take an integrative oral exam (with which they can improve or worsen the mark already achieved in the written exam): it will take place at the time and place indicated at the time of the written exam. If the student does not wish to take the supplementary oral exam, the exam is concluded with the written exam.

    In case of health emergency, the exam will be held online on platform Teams, in verbal form.

    Students who do not possess adequate knowledge of Italian language (Erasmus and other foreigners) will be able to take the exam in oral form and possibly in English.


    The Examining Board will evaluate the consistency and completeness of the answers, the use of the correct legal terminology, the ability to make connections between the various parts of the matter. The frequency and active participation in the lessons will be evaluated
    The Examining Board is composed by the titular of the teaching and by the experts of the matter approved by the Department Council.

    Exam schedule

    Date Time Location Type Notes
    20/12/2022 10:00 GENOVA ORALE VIPIANA
    10/01/2023 10:00 GENOVA ORALE VIPIANA
    07/02/2023 10:00 GENOVA ORALE VIPIANA
    23/05/2023 09:30 GENOVA ORALE VIPIANA
    13/06/2023 09:30 GENOVA ORALE VIPIANA
    11/07/2023 09:30 GENOVA ORALE VIPIANA
    12/09/2023 09:30 GENOVA ORALE VIPIANA


    Students with certification of DSA, disability or other special educational needs are invited to contact both the professor and the referent of the Department prof. Aristide Canepa ( at the beginning of the course in order to agree teaching and exam modalities that, in compliance with the objectives of the teaching, take into account individual learning methods and provide suitable compensatory tools.