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CODE 73201


The internship, or stage, is a period of orientation and training, carried out in a working context, public or private, to facilitate entry into the world of work.
Participation in internship activities allows the student to apply the knowledge and skills being acquired in the training course in a work environment.



The different types of Other activities (recognized according to the art. Recognition for other activities) aim to make the student acquire knowledge, skills and abilities concerning the use of IT tools, the written and oral expression in a foreign language, the insertion in an occupational context, the ability to synthesize and analyze, to manage complex relationships and problem solving.


The curricular internship enables the student to complete and integrate the university path:

  • It serves a formative purpose in that it allows for the deepening, verification, and expansion of knowledge gained during the course of study.
  • It serves an orientation purpose by allowing students to enter the world of work, learn about companies' reality and internal organizational / working dynamics, and assume greater awareness in professional choices.


Before being able to carry out the internship, students must obtain the certificate of the online course on safety and health at work.

The course:

  • takes place completely in e-learning mode
  • it is divided into 4 modules
  • has a total duration of 4 hours

To complete the course, it is necessary to have viewed all the video lessons, passed the related self-assessment tests and the final test. At the end of the course, students receive a digital certificate and will be able to download the certificate in pdf format.

To access the online course, students must connect to and authenticate with the UniGePASS credentials. The enrollment key is "studente".


To activate the internship:

  1. Contact the administrative contact of the internship office (Alessandra Mellano - 010 209 51504 -
  2. Come to an agreement with the contact person within the company (company tutor) and with the university tutor (professor of your course of study)
  3. Invite the Company to register on the Student Curricular Activities Portal: Internships and Theses. Then start the necessary paperwork for the internship. N.B. The User Manuals are available on the home page of the Portal.

It will be the job of the company tutor to introduce the student to the working environment and facilitate their acclimatization, as well as to evaluate your path and the achievement of the training objectives at the end of the experience.


Exam Board


GIANLUCA AMERI (President Substitute)

DANIELE SANGUINETI (President Substitute)



In terms of training and orientation internships, only activities completed at institutions, organizations, or companies affiliated with the University will be considered, regardless of relevance to the Course topic. It is also possible to complete a 100-hour internship with the total 4 CFUs allotted for Other activities.

CFUs will not be recognized for applications related to activities that do not correspond to the educational purposes of the Course, such as volunteering and assistance; nor will any activity carried out by the student autonomously and in places not designated for carrying out internships be recognized, where the actual number of hours dedicated to the fulfillment of the assigned task cannot be verified on the basis of an attendance register.
Credits earned beginning with the date of enrollment or pre-enrollment in the CdS will be recognized as useful for achieving the CFUs required to complete the student's educational path: excess CFUs earned during previous training courses will not be recognized.

Students who are inactive in their profession may, upon request, waive the requirement to complete an internship, deriving the necessary credits from Other knowledge.



At the end of the internship period, and in any case at least three months before the session scheduled for the final exam, you must send the following documentation via email to the Internship Office:

  • time sheet filled in and signed by you and the company tutor
  • Internship completion certificate (A/f form) complete with signature of the company tutor
  • Internship end report (R/f form), complete with signature of the tutor teacher


Credits relating to other activities can be included, at the student's discretion, in the 1st or 2nd year study plan.
Credits can only be recorded on condition that the corresponding code has been entered in the study plan.

To find out more, contact the Traineeship Office:

​dott.ssa Alessandra Mellano
010 20951504
Via Balbi, 4 – ground floor – 16126 Genova
receives by appointment