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CODE 80606
  • 6 cfu during the 2nd year of 11159 BIOENGINEERING(LM-21) - GENOVA
    LANGUAGE English
  • SEMESTER 1° Semester


    The content of the Course is based  on the multi decennial national and international experience of the Professor in the field of design and management of HC structures (private and public). It is not therefore based only on pure theory, formulas etc, but on real practice. During the 48 hours lessons the Course offers a wide information on clinical and health care engineering   



    The main purpose of the course is to initiate students into a pragmatic examination of the NHS and its structure (Local Companies, Hospitals, including the study of the various areas and departments of the latter). Many topics are included including the economic and financial aspects of the NHS. The main objectives are: to provide future clinical engineers with an adequate ability to interact with doctors, in order to understand their needs and guide a correct application of clinical / biomedical engineering; teach an appropriate approach to hospital design, paying particular attention to functional and economic aspects; provide the ability to design and operate using the most modern HTA (Health technology assessment) principles.


    The course aims to prepare students for engineering and management careers in healthcare private and public facilities/ industries, Health care Authorities (Regional and Central) offering full knowledge of clinical and health care engineering.

    The course is designed to introduce management concepts and tools for reducing healthcare system costs and increasing the quality of healthcare; to facilitate a better understanding between biomedical engineers and medical doctors.

    Strengthening the knowledge of Hospital design, medical equipment and global service.

    Giving information on the latest news on Covid Pandemics and consequent influence on the HC organisation, community based care ; and full information on the recent availability of PNRR funding (NGEU).


    Students must have already an acceptable  knowledge of biomedical equipment.

    Students who have already attended the Course of Fondamenti di ingegneria clinica will found in this Course important original integrations to the concepts learned. And will become familiar with the main concepts of healt care engineering. 


    The program consists on :

    48 hours lessons including: 

    • An off-site visit to an HCF in Genoa ( where allowed by the Covid Rules) :
    • A “lectio magistralis” by a preminent Personality of the HC world ( where allowed by a sufficient number of attendants)
    • A classwork /on line written test/exercise (the content varies every year and is made on regard of the  arguments treated)  


    Modules and brief description:

    Introduction to the Italian NHS System: A central Service coordinating regional  systems

    Health care facilities (HCF) management like a Company:  economics and financial factors. The HCF Hospital sustainability: how to calculate the hospital significant impact on the environment and economy of the surrounding community. 

    HCF location planning and optimization: how to calculate the hospital land requirements starting from few data like inpatients length of care and number of treatments.

    Engineering economics in healthcare: how to estimate and calculate the preliminary hospital construction costs (in terms of civil works, plants, and biomedical equipment) and relevant running costs.

    Profit and losses scheme adopted by the Companies in general and specifically by the HC Companies.

    Principles of hospital design: students will learn how to design the general layout of an hospital and the specific services units.    

    Hospital waste management in hospitals: Italian and international legislations and rules.

    HTA Health technology assessment, a sophisticated method to evaluate the investments and processes in the HC field.

    The course includes recent updates on COVID 19 pandemics and relevant needs to reinforce the community-based care and on the recent availability of the European Union's Next Generation EU recovery fund: which, trough the National Plan of Recovery and Resilience (PNRR), makes possible large investments in the HC System


    The textbook of the Course is “Ingegneria clinica e ingegneria  per la Sanita”  by Stefano Scillieri , Editor Flaccovio ( pls pay attention , second Edition September 21. Other editions are obsoletes) . Language ITALIAN 

    The book will be integrated with the slides projected during the lessons .

    The lessons are not taped:  can be followe only on streaming. 



    The course is developpend on line. .

    Lessons start the 20.09.21 , every monady and tuesday form 1 to 3 PM , till Dec 14tth, excluding Novemebr 1st .

    The access code to TEAMS is SS Cliical Engineering   rszq7yb 

    Class schedule

    All class schedules are posted on the EasyAcademy portal.



    Only ORAL.

    During the Course it is foreseen a written tets/exercise. The result of this test shall partially  influnce of course the result of the oral examination.  



    During the oral examination, the Student shall demonstrate:

    Of course to have a good knowledge of the Concepts introduced by the Professor durign the Course

    Capability to use proper technical language and terminolgies 

    Capability to expose clearly and professionally the concepts learned. 




    The Professor is available for clarifications/meetings  any time before and during the Lessons period : 

    The Professor can assign and drive degree theses, which generally are deveopped with Regional Health Authorities , HC companies and Hospitals.