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CODE 73205


The Other activities allow students to broaden their horizon and integrate the acquisition of additional knowledge and skills into disciplinary learning, useful for training and for entering the world of work.




The different types of Other activities (recognized according to the art. Recognition for other activities) aim to make the student acquire knowledge, skills and abilities concerning the use of IT tools and the insertion in an occupational context, the ability to synthesize and analyze, to manage complex relationships and problem solving.


Depending on the student’s free choice, participation in Further activities will allow:

  • to acquire transversal and broad knowledge with respect to the training course (participation in conferences, seminars, etc.)
  • to acquire extra-curricular skills and competences (participation in workshops)
  • to acquire skills and abilities in the field of foreign languages.
  • to acquire skills and abilities in the IT field.

The workshops, the participation in cultural heritage enhancement activities promoted by the course teaching staff and in professional activities of interest for cultural heritage contribute in particular to developing the student's ability to apply the knowledge and skills currently being acquired in the training course.


Regarding recognition as Other activities useful information for entering the workforce, the following will be accepted:

  • participation in workshops conducted by the course, by other universities or scientific institutions in Italy or abroad, as long as they are relevant to the course subjects. The list of Laboratories started by the CdS can be found on the Course website's "Laboratories" page.
  • the time of residence abroad at universities (for example, participation in the Erasmus program) done out in accordance with University regulations (and not autonomously);
  • Participation in conferences and seminars strictly related to curricular training, provided that they are University initiatives or initiatives previously recognized by the CdS as valid for the acquisition of CFU or initiatives of particular scientific importance in the opinion of the Commission "Other credits". Even though the actions are frequently acknowledged by other CdS, the Commission has the right to judge freely.
  • Summer Schools or training courses held by universities or other scientific institutes in Italy or abroad, as long as they are relevant to the CdS subjects;
  • participation in study trips approved in advance by the CdS.



The student must submit to the Further Credits Commission, at least three months before the thesis discussion, the documentation attesting the skills acquired and / or the activities carried out and their duration. The student must also declare that they have not previously used the activity carried out to request the attribution of CFU. Forms are available on the Course website.


The Degree Program will appoint a commission of professors to assess the congruence and correspondence in credits of the certified educational activity.

Credits earned beginning with the date of enrollment or pre-enrollment in the CdS will be recognized as useful for the purpose of achieving the CFUs required to complete the student's educational path; however, CFUs earned during previous years will not be recognized. Courses in training
It will not be possible to request CFU recognition using certificates of attendance from computer courses or another foreign language obtained prior to enrollment or pre-enrollment in the CdS.


Students who are in a state of quiescence with respect to the profession can, upon request, derogate from the need to carry out an internship, drawing the relative credits from Other knowledge. 

Credits relating to other activities can be included, at the student's discretion, in the 1st or 2nd year study plan.
Credits can only be recorded on condition that the corresponding code has been entered in the study plan.

The Commission in charge of the recognition of other credits is composed of: