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Perché scegliere Robotics engineering?

Robotics Engineering has a unique didactic organization, compliant with the international programs EMARO and JEMARO of which is a branch with Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) and Keio University (Japan). 

Teaching is provided completely in English, partly carried out by foreign teachers, focusing on design and laboratory activity. In particular, in the second year of the course, some typical aspects of Robotics are expanded referring to wide international scenarios, like:

Industrial robotics, service and mechatronics

Autonomous robotic systems, intelligent environments

Biomimetic, social robotics, biomedical robotics

Robotics Engineering also helps the students to carry out the thesis in national or foreign industrial companies and research centers.

As it is requested to international students, students enrolled only in the local path are encouraged to pass exams in the only session at the end of the semester; for this purpose part of the examination of each subject is included in the so-called 'continuous assessment' (in itinere tests), following the usual international standards. This timing (followed by almost all students) allows an effective and rapid conclusion of the studies and is one of the prerequisites for the possible inclusion in the international path during the second year.

For all students, attendance is mandatory and verified in the classroom.