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Info 2023/2024

Duration 3 anni
CFU 180
Class L-9
Access Free access
Language Italiano
Teaching mode Tradizionale
Head of programme LOREDANA MAGISTRI
Taxes and fees Da 0 a 3000 euro all'anno. Scopri se hai diritto a borse ed esenzioni
Student exchange Sedi internazionali e partner
Contacts Per saperne di più sul Corso visita la sezione dedicata
Information about this Course for previous years is available here INGEGNERIA INDUSTRIALE E GESTIONALE 9921

The course in brief


Particular emphasis is placed on basic preparation and the acquisition of up-to-date methods, techniques and tools for:

  • the sustainable production and optimal management of renewable energy - Energy curriculum
  • the management of industrial production - Manufacturing curriculum.

Learning by doing

The course of study carries out its activities in close contact with the business and research realities of the Savona University Campus.

Basic courses pay attention to monitoring learning and assisting in overcoming initial difficulties.

Advanced courses include talks by qualified business personalities and experiences at laboratories on the Savona Campus.

Professional outlets

The main job opportunities are in industry, services, and public administration.


In particular:

  • in mechanical and electromechanical industries;
  • .
  • in manufacturing enterprises for production
  • .
  • in industries and public and private entities operating in the field of production and energy
  • in enterprises and plant design firms
  • in enterprises for refrigeration and environmental air conditioning
  • in companies producing and distributing electricity and heat
  • .

Graduation allows registration in the Register of Industrial Engineers iuniores, upon passing the state examination, and to engage in free profession (feasibility studies, design, technical arbitrations, expert opinions for parties or as court expert, etc.).

What you will learn

enterprise 4.0

Technologies to improve the quantitative and qualitative productivity of plants


Design and operate facilities for the implementation of smart energy districts

system efficiency

Efficiency upgrading of systems, facilities and buildings to reduce pollutant emissions

energy with reduced environmental impact

Optimize energy production and consumption, use innovative fuels (Hydrogen Fuel Cell)

lean production

Lean production of today's and tomorrow's products using new technologies

intelligent logistics

Leveraging new intelligent and robotic systems to revolutionize logistics

Did you know that.

You have available a wide selection of audiovisual materials for basic course preparation
Classes are held at the Savona University Campus.
The campus provides you with its infrastructure: adequate classrooms, laboratories, library, housing, cafeteria and sports facilities


The Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering - Energy and Production ensures adequate mastery of general scientific methods and content along with technical-scientific skills in the areas of energy engineering and production management. The training is geared to prepare professional figures who can both continue their studies with a Master's Degree and be immediately employable in the industrial fabric.

In the first year priority is given to the preparation of the mathematical, fixed-chemical and computer science bases.

Starting from the second year, skills related to disciplines of the proper area of industry and mechanics are acquired.

In the third year, knowledge and skills related to the curriculum of choice are deepened:

  • Energy: skills on traditional and renewable energy production and distribution, chemical plants, hydraulic plants, industrial systems management
  • Production Management: skills on materials procurement and management, planning of means of production and logistics and production systems, production organization, organization and automation of production systems


Welcome to the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - Energy and Manufacturing. My commitment and that of all faculty is to ensure a solid, high-quality education with attention to the problems and needs of the student

Loredana Magistri

Where we are

Savona University Pole
Via Magliotto 2
17100 Savona

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Responsible for Orientation
Renato Procopio

Reference for Teaching