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The course in brief


Science of the past, present and future aimed at creating materials suitable for multiple applications.

The course provides basic chemistry, physics and mathematics skills to be applied in the laboratory for the characterization of materials as diverse as polymers, metals and advanced materials. The final exam includes an internship or apprenticeship in a company or research institution to get in touch with the working world and learn about the frontiers of research.

Learning by doing

Physics, chemistry and materials characterization laboratories, internships in companies or research institutions including abroad.

Professional outlets

Technical roles and quality control and certification in industry and services, Master's degree in Materials Science and Engineering in all Italian locations, in Chemical Science and Industrial Chemistry in Genoa, International Serp+ Master's degree.

What you will learn

  • basic knowledge of physics

    Principles of classical physics and the scientific method for describing phenomena

  • basic knowledge of chemistry

    chemistry in its various aspects: general, inorganic, analytical, organic, chemical-physical

  • basic knowledge of mathematics

    Mathematical tools necessary for understanding basic physical and chemical laws

  • computer skills

    Most common computer tools and using computers to solve problems

  • hands-on activities in chemical and physical laboratories

    Design and successfully conduct a safe physical and/or physical chemical experiment

  • internship

    To concretely address a materials science problem

Did you know that.

  • The materials scientist is on the frontier of innovation. He is a multidisciplinary scientist: he has a little of the chemist, a little of the physicist, and a little of the engineer
  • The challenges of the materials scientist are to create new electronic materials, new plastics, new textiles, to develop useful substances for transporting medicines in the body, to control and certify materials and their properties
  • The materials scientist quickly becomes part of the working world: a great many areas of industrial production need him


Knowing the materials

Objective of the course is to train a figure who knows the physical and chemical properties of materials, has experimental skills for their characterization and technical-professional skills for their use for application purposes. To this end, it provides:

  • a thorough basic knowledge of physics and chemistry in their experimental and theoretical aspects
  • an adequate knowledge of mathematics and computer tools for managing data and results
  • a sound working methodology and an interdisciplinary problem-solving-oriented approach
  • specific laboratory skills, through a plurality of techniques in the fields of characterization, analysis and synthesis of materials
  • skills in scientific communication and coordinated work within groups.
  • .

The training course includes:

  • mandatory attendance at laboratories, one or more for each of the first five semesters
  • mandatory internship in semester VI
  • basic physics and chemistry courses flanked by mathematics courses particularly oriented toward problem solving
  • several specific teachings of Materials Science.

The faculty consists of scholars from diverse backgrounds who conduct research in Materials Science.


            <div>Luca Vattuone</div>
Welcome. Materials science is a fairly young undergraduate course designed to give you a solid foundation in chemistry, physics and mathematics and immediately enable you to put it into practice in the laboratory. You will then have an in-depth understanding of the nature and properties of a wide variety of materials and be able to design new ones that are as functional and revolutionary as possible.

Course Coordinator

Where we are

Lectures and laboratory exercises are held in the classrooms of the Department of Physics - DIFI and the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry - DCCI at the Valletta Puggia campus on Dodecanese Street, Genoa.

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