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The Bachelor of Business Administration program teaches an understanding of the rationale for the operation of businesses and the economic, financial and legal environment in which they operate; it provides a solid preparation to make the most of job opportunities at the end of the three years or to pursue studies in a master's degree program.

It is a challenging, yet stimulating course, based on a balanced mix of teaching belonging to different scientific fields.

You can have an international projection by choosing to do a study period abroad at one of several partner universities or through the Double Degree with the University of Augsburg.

The course takes place in a modern structure with spacious classrooms, computer labs, and study rooms in which to collaborate with other students in a community atmosphere. It is set within the Dockyard, the beating heart of Genoa's harbor.

You can participate in the life and various initiatives of the Department of Economics, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, and classroom testimonials, coming into contact with managers and entrepreneurs, both national and international.

What will you study

The first year is devoted to basic education with which you begin to understand the logic of businesses, organizations, and the markets in which they operate. The economics teachings help you understand how economic systems work, whether at the general level (macroeconomics), at the level of individual firms or consumers (microeconomics), or from a historical perspective. Business economics teaching, on the other hand, introduces you to the business world.

In the second year you delve into the functioning of businesses, focusing on administrative accounting aspects and business strategies and decisions in addition to approaching the financial environment, in terms of the intermediaries, markets, and supervisory bodies with which businesses must deal. Throughout the two-year course you also study the legal aspects of the business world and the mathematical tools for understanding and using different economic and management models, complemented by language and computer skills.

In the third year you delve into the main business functions (marketing, organization, finance, etc.), the logic and techniques of management control and management of international businesses. You can also choose to focus on employment law or tax law and better understand the economics of taxation or economic and financial policies.

The course can be customized with: 

  • other educational workshop activities
  • .
  • teaching in the English language
  • other foreign languages, such as French, German, Spanish and Chinese culture
  • in-company internships with recognition of educational credits
  • study periods abroad
  • the IANUA-ISSUGE pathway - University of Genoa High School.

After graduation

After graduation you can:

  • directly enter the world of work, choosing one of the many high-skilled professionals

  • Employ economic-management and financial consulting or entrepreneurial activities

  • continue studies in a bachelor's or master's degree program at the undergraduate level.

The Bachelor of Business Administration graduate

Who is it?

The graduate in Business Administration has multidisciplinary and multi-purpose skills in business management, enabling him or her to hold highly qualified positions in different functional areas of companies, in organizational or coordinating positions in public administrations, in economic-financial and management consulting, or in the freelance profession.

What does he/she do?

In private enterprises, the business administration graduate can work within multiple functional areas:

  • .

    accounting administration and budgeting

  • strategic and operational planning

  • management control

  • finance

  • marketing and sales

  • organization and human resource management

  • logistics and procurement

In public administrations, he/she can access operational roles and responsibilities related to different areas such as organization, administration and planning.

He can also take the examination for access to Section B of the Register of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Experts and Labor Consultants, perform economic-management and accounting consulting or entrepreneurial activities.

Where do you work?

  • Private, commercial and industrial enterprises, domestic or international

  • public administrations

  • economic-management and accounting consulting firms

  • free profession

  • on his own.