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Bachelor degree course
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The course in brief


The Bachelor's degree program in Economics and Business provides a multidisciplinary education centered on knowledge of economic and financial systems and the institutions that operate within them.
The course is divided into two curricula: the general economic curriculum, in which special attention is given to national and international economics, environmental, health and labor economics; and the financial economic curriculum, oriented toward the world of finance and its players: intermediaries, financial market operators and sector supervisory bodies.

Learning by doing

In-company training placements in Italy and abroad are provided. Teaching is supplemented by workshops and classroom testimonials by figures from the world of business and finance. Numerous academic cooperation agreements with foreign universities are active for the purpose of study or internship.

Professional outlets

With a degree in economics and business you can work in key professions in the economic sector, such as financial-business analyst and consultant, and in the banking sector, economic journalist, officer and technician in complex organizations.
You can work in production and business units and financial intermediation, in economic and supervisory institutions of the national and international financial sector, in public administration, and in economic analysis bodies.
You can also perform economic-management and financial consulting and engage in entrepreneurial activity.
If you want to continue your studies, you can pursue continuity in the master's degree program in Economics and Financial Institutions.

What you will learn

  • functioning of economic and financial systems

    Understand the environment in which businesses and organizations operate

  • operation of financial intermediaries

    management and organizational aspects

  • mathematical and statistical methods and tools

    manage and analyze data

  • fundamentals of law

    Understand the legal environment in which financial intermediaries and market participants operate

  • English language

    Improve language skills in business

  • soft skills

    planning, problem solving, communication

Did you know that.

  • You will have the opportunity to meet nationally and internationally renowned managers, entrepreneurs and economists
  • You can do an in-company internship during your studies with credit recognition
  • Student tutors welcome and help freshmen on their way to college
  • In business and economics, there are students from 16 foreign countries
  • You can enter the Master's degree in Economics and Financial Institutions with the Double Degree option with the Jaume I University of Castellón
  • Teachers periodically meet with labor representatives as part of a Consulta


The world of economics and financial markets is undergoing rapid and profound transformation and needs practitioners capable of interpreting and anticipating change. The Bachelor's degree program in Economics and Business trains professionals capable of understanding this complexity, through the study of the dynamics and actors of the economic and financial system and its components: markets, intermediaries and financial instruments.

The training course is divided into:

  • a first core of basic teachings(the same for all three-year degree programs in the Department of Economics), intended to provide a solid preparation in four disciplinary areas: economics, business, quantitative and law
  • a second core of characterizing and specialized teachings, to make people reach an adequate level of specialization to propose themselves in the world of work in a qualified way or to continue their studies. The teachings are divided into two curricula: the general economic curriculum and thefinancial economic curriculum

Much emphasis is placed on languages, with the compulsory teaching of English and the possibility of deepening other foreign languages: French, German, Spanish and Chinese culture.

A mandatory teaching of computer science, a range of other professionalizing activities, company internships, and the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ program complete the course.


8699_Laura Nieri
Welcome to the Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business! A path aimed at ambitious students, which provides an education based on a mix of economic, mathematical, statistical, business and legal knowledge, functional for understanding the dynamics of economic and financial systems, national and international. Thanks to the solid preparation provided and the mastery of the tools of economic and financial analysis, at the end of the course you will be able to seize the best opportunities for your future.

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